Open sourced “Happy Game” for iOS

I have released all the source code and assets for “Happy Game,” the mobile game I began writing in 2010.

It was only released for iOS; I never got around to the Android port.

Because the assets are included, you can build and run the game on real hardware. You can step through it, modify it, and even submit it to the App Store.

Perhaps this will be educational, or perhaps it will serve as a dire warning to others to not build a game engine from scratch. Certainly, there are embarrassing decisions in the code; things I would do differently today.

The iOS camera system we make at Exo Labs was featured in Apple’s “30 Years of Mac” video:

The Focus camera lets students and scientists use a microscope interactively, record videos, save images, and more. I do firmware and iOS programming for this system.

Happy Game for iOS now available!

Well, it’s been a long time coming. Almost 3 years ago I set out to make my first mobile game – and it’s finally in the App Store.

My goal was to ship something rapidly, small in scope, but to still release a shining example of its genre. Two out of three? Paying jobs . . . → Read More: Happy Game for iOS now available!

Debugging embedded systems with Saleae Logic

When not making video games, I love to hack on embedded systems. Hardware has never been cheaper, and there are wonderful sources for the DIY maker.

Lately I’ve been playing with the Texas Instruments msp430. Cost for the dev board: $10 (I got a few on sale for $4.30 each!). Be sure to download . . . → Read More: Debugging embedded systems with Saleae Logic

Critters: beta

After being on the backburner for too long, my upcoming iOS game “Critters” is alive and kicking.

I’m working with the very talented artist Sam Strick to give it that extra polish!

Beta testers love the game, calling it addictive and charming. But as per usual, the final 10% is taking 90% of . . . → Read More: Critters: beta


I’m a senior Mobile Software Engineer with 14 years at Microsoft, AT&T, and Disney.
I have broad experience writing high-performance code for consumer electronics.

I am interested in senior developer roles in gaming, graphics, or wearable computing – especially at startups.


Mobile game engine architecture.
2D and 3D rendering: OpenGL, shaders, DirectX.
Embedded real-time software, device drivers, platform abstraction.
C, C++, Objective-C, . . . → Read More: Welcome!