Augmented reality and computer vision

I don’t often post, because I’m too busy learning and building. But you guys, I am so excited!

I’ve been deep in study as I continue to learn about computer vision. Reading an endless stack of papers, building sexy black-on-black computers with powerful GPUs, running late-night experiments.

A revolution is coming – a revolution in wearable computing and augmented reality. Smart glasses that see, understand, and augment our environment will be the biggest thing since the Internet and mobile phones.

In years to come, as you walk amidst the world, your glasses will know when you’re at the store, or home in the kitchen. What you’re looking at, and who you’re with. The glasses will insert anything you can think of, including other people in distant cities.

They will help us shop, create, learn, tell stories, attend concerts, and wander unfamiliar neighborhoods. They will help us see in the dark, and find our friends in crowded stadiums.

Old notions of space and distance, reality and unreality, will break down.

We will share games and art that move in the space between us. Imagine fighting a zombie horde – on your college campus. Or watching Godzilla attack your city – while you stare open-jawed at the sky. Or planting a Japanese garden with your friends, taking it with you, and visiting it whenever.

I fully expect flash mobs of penguins will appear on my morning bus commute.

Our homes and tools will sprout powerful virtual interfaces.

All of this requires computers that can understand the space around us, and seamlessly render virtual objects into it. Convolutional neural nets have emerged as a key technology, breaking records when it comes to computer vision. And you can play with them at home if you have a photo library and a gaming PC.

More about that in my next posts.

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