The Walt Disney Company

I recently helped Disney bring an MMO to the iPad. While touching most parts of the game client, I owned graphics and animation:

  • Designed the renderer and resource managers (C++ / OpenGL / shaders)
  • 3D avatars with skeletal animation (ported an avatar engine, rewrote 30%)
  • Sprite-based arcade games
  • Implemented a subset of Adobe Flash on iPad

I supervised a junior programmer, ported large amounts of code from ActionScript to C++, and solved many performance and memory problems.

Chinstrap Games

Chinstrap is my indie game and consulting business. I just shipped Happy Game: an incredibly addictive matching game for mobile devices.


This game uses my custom game engine which is portable, fast, and powerful. The source code is available on GitHub.

My engine supports 2D/3D and rich animated shader effects like real-time blur, morphing, and drop-shadow.

The engine also works with popular tools like TexturePacker, GlyphDesigner, and Particle Designer.